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How to Use


Q:Why do I have to shake it before use?

A:The contents are composed of two layers of ingredients that work when mixed together.


Q: Does it work well with lipstick?

A:It works well with stick and crayon-type lipsticks. Liquid and gloss-type lipsticks that can cause the coating to become uneven may not produce the desired effect.


Q:Can I apply it immediately after applying my lipstick?
Won't I get lipstick on my finger when applying it?

A:Yes, it can be used immediately. It's a coating, so lipstick getting on your finger shouldn't happen frequently.


Q:Should I wait for the lipstick to dry a bit?

A:You don't need to wait for it to dry to take effect.


Q:If it's made to not come off, does that make it difficult to remove?

A:You can easily take it off using regular lipstick removing products.


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The Experience


Q:How does it smell or taste? Is it sticky or dry?
Will it give my lipstick a matte texture?

A:The base is both odorless and tasteless. It has a smooth texture and doesn't feel overly different from your lipstick.


Q:How long does the effect last?

A:Unless you try to forcefully take it off, the effect will continually last. However, eating, or touching your lips to other surfaces will cause its lasting effect to differ from person to person.


Q:Do I need to apply it only once?

A:Depending on how it is after you eat, you may want to briefly touch it up with lipstick and Lip Gel Magic after checking its condition with tissue paper.

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